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11 September 2013 @ 10:57 pm
I am having a ridiculous amount of fun with the ukulele. :D  I am particularly pleased about this because while I've been able to pick up wind instruments fairly easily, I just assumed fretted instruments would be out of my league.  The Ukulele is arguably the easiest of the fretted instruments, but I don't care.  It's fun and I've fallen completely in music-love with how it plays.  After listening to me play for about two hours, Connor asked if my goal was to be better than the instructor by next week's lesson.  *lol*  Um, no.  But I will admit that I'm obsessed.  Bad timing, too, considering I'm supposed to be knitting Christmas stuff...

I think it might be time to get back into clarinet.  I dream of playing Weber's 2nd Concerto for Clarinet again someday.  Or Flight of the Bumblebee.  Or Variations on The Carnival of Venice.  *sighs*  So much work ahead of me to get back to that level of playing.  Last time I dug it out, my brain said, "SQUEEEEE - I remember this!  I remember this!  I got this!  Let's go, fingers!"  and my fingers responded with, "Uh...wait - what are we doing?  Slow down, cowboy, I only vaguely remember this..." :P

You know, I really want a set of bagpipes someday.

I think a drum set could be great fun, too.  Just surround me with instruments and yarn and I'm good to go. ;)
19 June 2013 @ 09:39 pm
I'm trying out the "Friends Only" approach to LJ.  I've been getting a lot of spam and it's not like I'm posting all that regularly anyhow...

I'll post every once in a while for out of town family that read this, though, and this is one of those posts :)

C is doing really well.  He's currently obsessed with programming, Minecraft, and um...programming.  And Minecraft. ;P  He's still playing piano, but talks about quitting at least once a week.  It's not his passion, so it's really only a matter of time and that's fine :)  As long as he enjoys it, we'll continue lessons.  It's up to him when we stop.

B is doing well, too :)  He just had his guitar recital and did *so* well!  He played the Star Spangled Banner and Dust in the Wind.  I was nervous on his behalf - wow, that's weird.  I now understand how my folks felt (particularly my dad) whenever I had solos or competitions...yikes!  He's also into Minecraft and modding (sp?) it, messing around with all that stuff.  I'm lost, to be perfectly honest.  I hear that voice from the Peanuts in my head whenever they start talking about Minecraft, modding, programming...

One of my long term goals is to get certified to teach Curvy Yoga.  It's an intensive program, though, and will require a fairly large commitment on my part...it's something for a year or two (or three?) from now.  My back needs to be fully functional and I need to be able to put more time into my yoga practice...but I look forward to the journey :)

Photography is quite busy right now; add in our normal 'summer stuff', homeschooling, park days, music lessons, and just normal cleaning-type stuff, I am falling into bed exhausted every night.  I think the boys are, too, and THAT is a happy, happy thing.  *lol*

In sad news, a relative of Bill's passed away yesterday.  The services are in TX, so there's no way for us to be there.

In happy news, a dear, sweet friend of mine has announced she is getting married--I could not be happier for her :)  Unfortunately, there's no way for me/us to get to that, either.  I am working on a fun knitted wedding gift for her, though... :D

And with that, I desperately need sleep...